Accreditations & Certificates


Located at industrial area, CRYSTAMED has the state-of-the-art facility located in Bangalore and has the capacity to manufacture about 1.5 million sterile sutures per annum. In addition to sutures, we also manufacture surgical mesh, bone wax, needles for suture and have in-house printing. 

Since most of our process are in-house, this helps to enhances the quality of the product as the products are monitored and checked at every stage of process to maintain international quality standards. 


Safety plays a vital role in any industry and CRYSTAMED has ensured that we are equipped and ready to execute Disaster Recovery team during any crisis. Our DR team is trained professionally to ensure safety of our employees. All the employees are trained on safety procedures and test drills are conducted. At CRYSTAMED, we adhere to the policies of Environment Health and Safety (EHS) standards. 

In-House facility

  • Clean rooms with ISO 5
  • Laboratory Section
  • Sterilization section
  • Quality systems 
  • Surgical needles manufacturing unit
  • Designing, Printing & Packaging facility
  • Mesh knitting